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Filter What Comes Your Way to Stay on Course

It's easy for others to pull you off your path. Taking a few preventive steps ahead of time will help you avoid being influenced away from where you want to be.


Dennis MartinezDennis Martinez

Continuous learning is one of the keys to growth. Reading new books, watching educational videos, or going to inspirational seminars will give you the ability and motivation to push forward to reach your ambitions, no matter what they are. Getting new information and finding ways to learn new or better ways of doing things will be essential to achieve your goals and dreams.

Nowadays, it's easy to obtain all kinds of new information. In just a few seconds, you can find articles online, have a book delivered to your electronic device, or watch conferences on any topic you wish. It's great to have this type accessible to you, but there's a caveat. While useful, you need to be very careful not to let new information sway you in a different direction than you're taking at this moment.

It's not that the curators of the information you consume are purposely implementing a hidden agenda of sorts for their personal gains. But more often than not, there's a reason why all kinds of material are made available so readily. It can be something intentional such as selling you something. Most of the time, it's more unintentional by trying to persuade you in a different direction.

It doesn't matter what the reason is. The result will be the same: if you let someone persuade you, you will get thrown off your own path. Once you're off your road, you'll lose all the experience and momentum you've gained. It might even set you off in the opposite direction you want to go to or a dangerous course that will do more harm than good. To avoid this, you can't blindly accept everything you see, hear, or read. You need to filter everything that comes your way.

Two quick questions to avoid being thrown off track

How can you do this? The quickest method to sift through any new information you consume is by asking yourself two questions beforehand:

"What do I need now to continue moving toward my goals?"

If you're actively looking for new information, there's a good chance that you feel like you're missing something to continue moving forward. When you search for that missing piece, it's easy to find lots of different ways or opinions that instead of running ahead, will pull you in a completely different direction. By asking ahead of time what you need at this moment to continue moving on, your mind will be prepared to avoid taking in what you don't need now.

"What will I need out of this new information?"

While you most likely will not exactly know what you need to continue moving toward your goals, you understand what you need to accomplish to proceed. Focusing on what you need to get done will help you pick the essentials while avoiding everything else that will distract you.

Take only what you need, leave what you don't

If there are bits of information that aren't covered by either of the two questions above, you have two choices:

Still being pulled away from your path? Maybe you need to clarify what your path is

Asking yourself the questions about what to do with new information that comes your way and pushing aside the rest might not be enough to keep you moving to where you want to go. If that's happening to you, the reason may very well be that you are not 100% certain where you want to go yet.

You might have an idea of where you want to head towards, but if your path isn't crystal-clear, you will end up going around in circles, being dragged away by everything that comes across you. That's because you won't have the needed clarity to answer the questions mentioned above. You must be specific on where you want to go and uncompromising in your beliefs. Once your path is not in doubt, nothing will take you off it.

You're bombarded by information all the time so be careful not to let anything influence you

Exposure to information these days is incredible, either voluntarily or involuntarily by news, family, friends, co-workers and especially social media (which you can tame with the help of the Practical Good Social Media Cleanup Course). You must take preventive steps to stop being influenced by others. Just a little bit of up-front work will pay off by keeping you unshakeable in your beliefs and bringing you right where you want to be.

Small steps for your Practical Good

If you feel like you're always pulled away from the places you want to go to, here are some tips you can begin to implement to stay on your path and go straight to your goals:

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