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It's Time for a Social Media Cleanup

When you use social media, do you always feel anxious, angry, or emotionally drained? You need to clean things up and take back control.


Dennis MartinezDennis Martinez

Social media has become a staple in everyone's life these days. What once seemed like a hangout for mostly tech-savvy folks has crept into every crevice of our daily existence. Every company uses social media to further their agenda. People use it to read and express their opinions on a variety of topics. Even those who are typically not considered technophiles, like our parents and even grandparents, use social media to keep in touch.

I've been using some form of what's known as social media nowadays since I began regularly using the Internet in the mid-90s. It started when I signed up to a few chat rooms and spent hours talking to people from all parts of the world. Instant messengers like ICQ and AIM were always on when I was online. I eventually began using today's popular services like Facebook and Twitter when I was moving away from my family and friends.

I enjoyed using these services, and they enriched my life in many ways:

However, these services have a dark side to them, and have also affected me quite negatively:

I wanted to break free from the cycle of wasting too much time on social media, not compare myself with others who are on a different path than I am and escape the cynicism and gloom that is pervasive online. As many of us tend to do, I began searching for solutions online and see how others dealt with it. The one thing that kept on coming up over and over again was the term "social media detox". Essentially, it means cutting yourself off from all use of social media for a period, anywhere from one day to a few months, to reset yourself and give yourself more opportunities to find other useful ways to use your time and energy.

This strategy can be useful for those who are experiencing more severe symptoms of addiction to social media. Personally, I don't recommend the "all or nothing" approach for most people. As I mentioned, there are a lot of positive experiences to be had with social media if we can keep things under control. We shouldn't eliminate something if it can bring good into our lives.

I began to write down a few areas that I noticed could improve with my social media usage. Then I implemented a few small habits (check the book Mini Habits by Stephen Guise, which I've written about before, for more information) every day. Some of the tactics I implemented were:

The results I continue to get to this day are astounding:

Small steps for your Practical Good

If you feel like your usage of social media is leaving you drained, upset or with a general feeling of anxiety and stress, it would greatly benefit you to take some time to clean up your social media accounts.

You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain, so start taking back control of your time on social media. I hope that you put the time you save and the positive energy that you regain to good use and that you realize all your passions, goals and dreams.

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